• 310 Kinsac Road, Beaver Bank, N.S.
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Lost Creek Golf Club

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Hole 1 - Augusta North

  • Hole1
  • Par5
  • HDCP5
  • 520
  • 506
  • 472
  • 438

Strikingly similar in terrain to Augusta National’s first hole but The Creek’s is a par five. An elevated tee box and generous downhill landing area will make you want to let out some shaft from the get-go, but taking a “keeping it in play” attitude might serve you well for the precise tee shots that are to follow. There’s a big receptive green awaiting your uphill third shot (don’t miss left!) but if you get it right of the flag, a deceptively tricky downhill first putt might surprise you.

Hole 2 - Rapid River

  • Hole2
  • Par3
  • HDCP13
  • 145
  • 135
  • 117
  • 110

Your first sighting of Lost Creek – in the springtime you’ll be amazed at her roar, but in mid-summer, she peacefully meanders her course quietly that will undoubtedly relax you, especially if you gave up any shots on the first hole. Wind direction will affect club selection here, as will the flag placement on this generously sized green. Birdies are possible, especially with a front flag placement.

Hole 3 - Eagle Watch

  • Hole3
  • Par4
  • HDCP7
  • 372
  • 357
  • 347
  • 338

One of the finest par fours you’ll ever see – a precision tee shot both in direction and distance is required or a big number might await you. A sharp dog-leg, birdies are near impossible if you are shorter off the tee. Only the foolhardy aim right of the big oak off the tee. Par is a great score here – birdies are rare. A relatively flat green should ensure no worse than a two putt. Oh – the big tree behind and to the left of the green – a proud American Bald Eagle perches there...

Hole 4 - The Train from Nowhere?

  • Hole4
  • Par5
  • HDCP9
  • 520
  • 480
  • 444
  • 389

A short par five that plays longer because of the elevated green. Even longer hitters rarely get there in two – and if you miss left on your second, you’ll pay dearly. It’s especially fun to play when the 5:05 rolls by on the tracks to the right … clickety-clack, clickety-clack. You want to be on the right side of the fairway off the tee, but there’s lots of room on the right side of the fairway for your blind second shot, if you are a little left off the tee. Be aggressive on your third – there’s a nice backstop behind to catch anything long. A definite birdie opportunity if you play it smart…or double if you don't.

Hole 5 - Nice Darts!

  • Hole5
  • Par4
  • HDCP17
  • 312
  • 299
  • 299
  • 285

An island green awaits you after your blind tee shot. Your approach shot is everything here…you have to stick it – and you’ll likely have to deal with a tight downhill lie for your precision second. A huge gallery of bullfrogs will applaud great approach shots! An extremely flat green will welcome you – you can be aggressive with your first putt.

Hole 6 - Classic Nova Scotia Lake Scene Post Card

  • Hole6
  • Par4
  • HDCP1
  • 422
  • 391
  • 355
  • 320

A beautifully challenging and long par four, unlike any other at The Creek. This hole will test you, both off the tee and on your second. Big hitters get it down to the “flat” – it’s far easier from way down there. Par is a good score here. By the way – have you ever seen six more different holes to start a game? Beautiful lake-scape – especially in the fall.

Hole 7 - Take Dead Aim (at the Aiming Tree!)

  • Hole7
  • Par4
  • HDCP15
  • 298
  • 298
  • 298
  • 298

Another “Creek” hole as it lazily rolls out of Kinsac (Beaver Bank) Lake. This short par four can surprise many – you can’t miss right of the tee and if you get left the approach shot to the green is far more difficult from the port side. Still birdie-able, but many make double here, or worse. A seemingly tiny green that deceptively slopes from left to right. Take a listen whilst you're walking up the hill – deer often refresh themselves at Lost Creek’s mouth – that’s where it easiest to cross.

Hole 8 - Lazy River

  • Hole8
  • Par3
  • HDCP11
  • 165
  • 165
  • 140
  • 121

If you wander around on the middle tee box, you can see all nine holes on the front nine from a single vantage point. Nine perfectly unique holes – seven of them behind you. If you haven’t learned by now, you have to manage The Creek or it will manage you! Like the par-three second, wind can really affect your tee shot on many a day, sometimes surprisingly. A big flatter green accepts any high ball flight readily. Another birdie op- be aggressive and reap the reward.

Hole 9 - Pheasant Run

  • Hole9
  • Par4
  • HDCP3
  • 382
  • 346
  • 304
  • 265

A longer than it looks par four to finish the front nine that rolls slightly to the left. Favor the right side of the generous fairway if you can – it’s a far better angle from there. Green slopes from front to back more than you think – beware of your distance on anything long and above the hole. Also the home of a pretty pheasant family – just to the right and behind the green.

Hole 10 - Old number one …

  • Hole10
  • Par4
  • HDCP4
  • 430
  • 371
  • 333
  • 303

Another long par four especially if you can’t carry the “hill” facing you on your tee shot – if you can, it can get amazingly short. The second shot can be played a few different ways – there’s a unique “false front” that can eat up high approach shots … leaving you shorter than you’d like. Deceptive undulating green - beware ... three putts are commonplace. Four is a good score here. Enjoy the pretty view of the lake from the top of the hill – it’s breathtaking. It was our first hole in 1999, but it was much shorter then.

Hole 11 - R & R anyone – a Classic Risk/Reward Hole?

  • Hole11
  • Par4
  • HDCP12
  • 344
  • 310
  • 282
  • 261

A wonderfully short par four with an extremely difficult green. You’ll have to carry the dense marsh to get to a friendly flat fairway. A magnetic bunker on the right eats up leaky tee shots, but enjoy the view … the heavily forested north side of the lake is stunning – all season round! We wouldn’t recommend hunting for your ball if you go deep into the marsh – four sets of unclaimed clubs have been found there! Not sure of the fate of the golfers…

Hole 12 - Easy does it … what an “Ace” Hole!!!

  • Hole12
  • Par3
  • HDCP18
  • 94
  • 83
  • 83
  • 83

Short and dangerous... This one is all about ball flight and distance control. Most people under-swing or hit it thin. Most players gladly accept par here. Another tough putting green – that’s three in a row. This hole gets a lot of press – good and bad. Remember – they don’t boo nobodies! Oh yeah – avoid the front bunker at all costs – it’s small but mighty …

Hole 13 - Stay left, stay left – our “communist” hole!

  • Hole13
  • Par5
  • HDCP10
  • 479
  • 465
  • 437
  • 414

The only par five on the back nine, it’s a real test from tee to green. A left to right sloping fairway gnaws at you off the tee, as well as being tree-lined on both sides. Interesting second shots for every length player and a two-tiered green when you finally get there. Best to stay as left as you can because of the slope, and the green is well protected by a pond (front right) and a big bunker on the left.

Hole 14 - A Challenge for all … brace yourself!

  • Hole14
  • Par4
  • HDCP2
  • 397
  • 390
  • 372
  • 310

Arguably the toughest hole on the course. You’ll need two great shots to get there in regulation. It’s no easier when you get on the green – subtle breaks in several directions await. If you score five/five on #13 and #14, count yourself as lucky. It’s the Creek’s Amen Corner.

Hole 15 - Our New Addition!

  • Hole15
  • Par4
  • HDCP8
  • 357
  • 345
  • 345
  • 297

A newly built hole (2017), its a nice gradual downhill par four that’s pleasing to the eye and to right-handers with a slight fade. Flag position can change your approach shot in … the green is big from front to back. Typical home to a den of foxes in mid-summer – don’t leave your hot sandwiches unattended! They prefer roast beef.

Hole 16 - Target Practice, everyone?

  • Hole16
  • Par4
  • HDCP14
  • 286
  • 273
  • 273
  • 232

Short and precise – our epitome of target golf and a hole that gained notoriety since 1999 as Lost Creek Special. Again, you need two exact shots to get on in two – not long, but very precise. The second shot is particularly pleasing – lots of hang time and a green that holds well. Beware of getting above the hole if the flag is in the front – middle of the green is best.

Hole 17 - Short and Sweet

  • Hole17
  • Par3
  • HDCP16
  • 152
  • 136
  • 136
  • 136

The last of the wildlife holes, the duck pond to the right of the green is home to some pretty mallards, all of whom are serious golf fans. Nothing to fool you here – you see what you get and you get what you see.

Hole 18 - Homeward Bound (or at least to the bar!!!)

  • Hole18
  • Par4
  • HDCP6
  • 406
  • 350
  • 350
  • 308

A tough finishing par four, especially if you leak your tee shot to the right which makes for a tough second from a punishing lie. A long and narrow two-tiered green makes four a nice way to finish.