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1. The more you buy, the more you save...

Your TOTAL number of passes purchased will determine your rate. So if you were buying 10 of each type of coupon (10 Platinum, 10 Gold & 10 Silver), you would be buying 30 coupons in total, therefore you will get 30-pack pricing across the board (for each of the 10 packs you purchased).

2. Locked in Package Pricing.

If you buy a total of 30 coupons before we open, you can then buy increments of 10 during the season at the regular package rate.  For example, you could then buy 10 Platinum Coupons for $379.70+HST (30 pack price), instead of $429+HST (10 pack price).


3. Five Pack Flexibility.

You can now purchase packages in 5's, so mix them up!  This option simply allows you to get more flexibility in how you use your passes.  For example, you can buy 15 Platinum, 10 Gold and 5 Silver. The price you pay is still based on the total number of coupons in your package, so lots of combinations work.






Look at these examples of some guests who selected packages:

Guests #1 & #2

Two friends wanted to play:                                 So they bought:

Weekday Golf, about 12-15 rounds each                 15 Gold each

By buying 30 total, they would only pay $31.97+HST per round (30 pack rate) instead of $35.90.  They particularly liked the Men's Night option as well.

Guest #3 & #4

Wanted to play:                                              So they bought

Every Men's Night (for him)                              15 Gold

Every Ladies Night (for her)                              15 Silver

Some 18 Hole Golf during the week (for both)    10 more Gold

Again, they bought a minimum of 30 coupons, so they paid 30-pack pricing on everything, and retained that 30-pack rate for the rest of the season when they bought suplimental 10-packs.

Guest #5

Wanted to play:                            So he bought

Weekday Golf (18 Holes)                10 Gold

Takes a cart every time                  10 Silver (10 x 18 Hole Carts)

Same idea.. he bought a total of 20 coupons... so all of his coupons got bumped down to the 20-pack price. 



Can I buddy-up with friends to get to the lowest package pricing?

Absolutely... and get those friends to tell their friends too... :)

If a few of us are buying a package together, can we each pay seperately?

Provided you are all at the Pro Shop together (or everyone has their credit card number submitted on the application), you can all pay seperately at the same time. Each player will be registered in our system for their own pass use.

Keep in mind, if you are buying an initial package to split among friends, it is now required to register each player with their own coupons.

What form of payment is easiest?

The application is set up to pay via credit card (either fax, email or call it in to our office).  If another form of payment is required in the pre-season, arrangments can be made with our office at 902 861 4378 (leave msg).

After we open, coupons may be purchased from our Pro Shop and will be ready for pickup in 3-5 days.

What if I just want to tack on a few more coupons, without buying another 10?

We're allowing you to purchase packages in 5's, so mix them up.  The price you pay is still based on the total number of coupons in your package, so lots of combinations work.

Can someone help me figure out the lowest price for how/when I want to play this season?

That's what I'm here for!  Call our office and leave a message (902 861-4378) or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any help.  Often it's easier over the phone, so if you'd like to leave your contact information, we'll get in touch shortly.  When we're open, of course, our Pro Shop staff will have all the answers at 902 865 4653.